Dvision Network Heralds Beginning of a New Era with the Launch of its Metaverse “Dvision World”

  • October 31, 2021

In what is an exciting move, Dvision Network is set to launch its metaverse Dvision World. The launch comes after the successful hosting of Binance Smart Chain’s first anniversary and an Open Beta Test of Dvision Network.

A major milestone for Dvision Network

Dvision World is expected to go live from November 1, 2021, providing an extensive virtual metaverse for users. According to the Dvision team in a Medium post, the launch of Dvision World represented a major milestone for the project and equalled the mainnet launch held earlier in the year.

The post further added that the public launch initiates the start of the ecosystem enlargement phase and the completion of the closed metaverse development phase. Moreover, Dvision has accommodated the Squid Game show related pieces of gaming activities, such as Red Light & Green Light and Tempered Glass content, which became pretty popular after the success of the South Korean survival drama.

Users will be able to create avatars, access a host of events and attend the opening of the “Meta Cities”. Dvision World is the main lobby of the metaverse and connects all the Meta-Cities within the virtual world. The metaverse will connect 20 different cities through the ‘Central Warp Tower’ where each Meta-City will be unveiled.

Dvision has designed an immersive and attractive metaverse and the beautiful views of the Meta-Cities will attract new users looking to explore. Dvision World is also designed to include virtual spaces capable of hosting events, games and different virtual activities.

Ahead of the metaverse launch, Dvision has revealed that it has added some new additions to the virtual world. Some of these include:

Play To Earn: Combat Mode & LAND Purification Process

New NFT Use-Cases: PET & In-game ITEMs

Updated Tokenomics: Governance, Utility, Staking.

DVG: newly added in-game reward currency (non-token)

DAO: upgraded governance system

These additions are expected to improve users’ experience and introduce concepts like NFTs and gaming into the metaverse. More information for each development can be found on the Dvision Gitbook page.

Dvision has already launched a countdown towards the Dvision World going live, and participants can pre-register to get early access to the blockchain metaverse.

A fast growing ecosystem

Dvision Network is built on the Binance Smart Chain and provides a blockchain-based metaverse for users to create avatars and explore its extensive features. The launch of Dvision World provides another significant milestone for Dvision Network. The blockchain-based metaverse has recorded exponential growth in recent months with major adoption of its token DVI.

It has also hosted several events within its virtual world including the Binance Smart Chain 1st anniversary. Dvision has also collaborated with top blockchain projects including TribeOne and Alpaca Finance to integrate NFTs and lending features within its metaverse.

Dvision is also expected to launch its highly anticipated NFT marketplace that will allow users to construct their NFTs and sell their creations. The DVI token powers the Dvision Network and trades on several centralized and decentralized exchanges.

To learn more about Dvision Network visit the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium |

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