UniX Gaming: Meet The Future Of Play-To-Earn in the Metaverse

  • February 11, 2022

UniX Gaming is a community-centric platform that aims to become home to gamers within the metaverse and provide scholarships to help people in developing countries get involved in the booming play to earn arena.

The concept of generating revenue through virtual games has remained the hottest keyword this year, thanks to the increased interest in digital assets. The rise in P2E projects is partly due to the resounding success of the Axie Infinity project, which is a community-driven digital pet game inspired by CryptoKitties and classic Pokemon.

UniX aims to bring a balance of entertainment and profit-making opportunities to one platform.

What Is UniX Gaming?

Through prizes, activities, educational events, and monetization, the team hopes to create a strong community in which people can gather, enjoy the features, and help to improve the ecosystem.

With the usage of Unix Gaming community assets and a DAO token, UniX’s objective is to become the first digital nation with the largest virtual economy.

The blockchain gaming market has been on an upward trend as more game enthusiasts and investors enter the potential space, which is fueling the exponential volume of many NFTs.

Most game enthusiasts, particularly those interested in crypto investment, have failed to approach earning potential owing to an inability to navigate the NFT area or a lack of critical expertise to handle their NFTs.

UniX Gaming is making this easier for investors with a one-of-a-kind project that gives answers and allows customers to maximize their earning potential.

Despite the fact that P2E games are becoming more popular, there are a few issues with how the gaming ecosystem interacts with the players.

Because players are such an important part in the ongoing development of gaming projects, it’s critical to build a destination that is entirely focused on them.

Gaming Options

In the long run, the project aspires to be the industry’s leading project in the NFT gaming industry, promoting widespread adoption.

Unix Gaming’s operating model is similar to those of other gaming guilds.

The guild makes the majority of its money by investing in, purchasing, and producing valuable NFT assets in blockchain games. UniX focuses on process automation, making tasks like renting and staking NFTs much easier.

UniX Gaming provides an enjoyable gaming experience while also assisting people in developing countries in their exploration of the burgeoning P2E model. By participating in the ecosystem, both gamers and non-gamers can earn money and make a life.

Whether in regular games or blockchain games, the most crucial aspect is community. The success of the projects will be determined by the number and quality of members.

UniX Gaming largely focuses on community building and providing members with social benefits. Currently, the project has 193,070+ community members, 5,000+ scholarships, and 21,025,333+ stream viewers – the wish numbers of any gaming projects.

Unlike other investing businesses that exclusively cater to the wealthy, NFT allows anyone from all walks of life to participate and earn tokens.

UniX: Key Features

UNIX Token

UNIX token is the governance token for the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Taking this role, UNIX holders have the ability to vote and propose changes in association with the platform’s operation. UNIX token sale went public on the Copperlaunch platform on November 26, 2021.

The auction was held through the Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (BLBP) and raised $22 million.

In addition to the governance role, UNIX token is also used as staking rewards. Users can lock tokens to receive rewards in return. Holders will get a chance to be the first to receive NFT drop as well as special deals on purchases of NFT collectibles and related products.

Other use cases of UNIX token are in-game rewards, event rewards and in-game currency.

UniX is working on developing its own game and at this time, the project has implemented a wide range of games to their gaming studio. The platform has plans to host esport tournaments and will use UNIX tokens as rewards for participants.


Token Name: UniX Gaming
Ticker: UNIX
Blockchain: Ethereum
Token Standard: ERC-20
Contract: 0xddd6a0ecc3c6f6c102e5ea3d8af7b801d1a77ac8
Token Type: Governance, Utility.
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 UNIX
Circulating Supply: 31,865,390.00 UNIX

Diverse Profit Streams 

In addition to several distinct streams of income from numerous Vaults, the project owns a number of different game titles and aspects of their business plan; each Vault will represent a different game title or part of their business approach.

Some examples of Vaults are as follows:

Breeding Vault: Profit from animal or creature breeding games such as Axie Infinity
Scholarship Vault: Profits from scholarship system
Launchpad Vault: Profits from P2E gaming projects participating in Launchpad and benefit from early access discounts
NFT Marketplace Vault: Profit from trading fees
NFT Merchandise Vault: Profit from selling products online
Unix Game Vault: Profits from UniX’s own gaming ecosystem


Owning UNIX tokens opens a gateway to multiple advantages of participating in different utilities.

At the same time, UNIX DAO boosts the growth of the ecosystem thanks to the community-driven model structure.

The DAO model functions independently, without any heading individuals to manipulate the system. Users are able to participate in voting, considering proposals , guaranteeing the whole system operates smoothly and transparently.

One major highlight is the NFT Renting, which facilitates the connection between users who want to play games to make money and investors.

The feature allows NFT renting and leasing with the profit split of half and half. UniX will manage all accounts and free training for players to generate 30% more revenue than regular players.


With the vision of building a strong gaming community, the UniX P2E launchpad is in the works and constant development.

UNIX holders can join the Metaverse IGO (Initial Game Offering) game projects launched on the platform.

Apart from P2E gaming projects, the expert team also provides further marketing support including B2B professional support care and 24-hour streaming features on social channels like YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

Scholarship System

The core mission of UniX is to bridge the gap between the so-called complex money-making gaming model and players.

To accomplish this purpose, it is critical to provide users with a well-prepared mindset and knowledge. The project provides scholarships, education, training, and account management to players in order for them to earn more money.

The scholarship system provides all of the assistance required for participants to generate 30% more than regular players.

With the P2E concept, players have the opportunity to make a full-time living from their gaming activities.

They have access to free education and are backed by one of the greatest gaming communities on the planet.

The community members have raised significantly since the project launch. Participants in DAOs gain from their involvement in the development of their own communities, resulting in a beneficial and constructive social impact.

Gaming Studio

UniX Gaming introduces a variety of P2E games with attractive rewards to the user community.

The well-known games currently live on the platform are Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, Heroes & Empires and many more.

Additionally, UniX also features other promising games in the works such as Sipher, Star Atlas, Big Time.

Each gaming project comes with a brief introduction, contract address (the live ones) and all the information from basis to in-depth details.

To learn more about UniX – and everything it offers, just click right here!

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