Chingari Introduces Integrated-Token Wallet for The Solana Blockchain

  • February 15, 2022

Chingari, Tik Tok’s new challenger, announced the debut of its integrated-token mobile application powered by the Solana blockchain today.

The integration of the native $GARI token on Google Play and the Apple App Store plays a pivotal role in providing users with easy access to cryptocurrency. Following the successful launch of its testnet last month, the mobile app launch is the next step toward its mainstream target.

After India officially outlawed Tik Tok, the India-based short video sharing app Chingari emerged as an ideal replacement. Chingari effectively grew its client base from 100,000 to 5 million customers in 6 months, proving that all efforts are rewarded.

Chingari Makes it Work

Chingari is one of the early Web 3.0 adopters, establishing a vision of an innovative arena for and by content creators.

The project’s goal is to attract millions of daily users to the Solana ecosystem. Chingari enables content creators to work directly with advertisers, as opposed to the current content-sharing model, in which the platform team works directly with advertisers and content contributors only receive a portion of the proceeds.

A community-driven model also distinguishes the platform from others. By granting more control to content creators, the project has attracted a large number of participants, talents, and enhanced its quality.

Sumit Gosh, CEO and Co-Founder of Chingari, is quite optimistic about the launch’s potential, and he shared his thoughts on the latest integration.

Gosh commented,

“This will be a game-changer in the Chingari App when millions of users will experience the integration of GARI. The existing and new users will be able to Tip the other creators, boost their profile, gain governance rights, and experience a lot more features on the app. With this, we also move in the direction of being a project with the highest on-chain users. We are very excited to launch the in-app wallet of Chingari and give the users revamped app with loaded features.”

The in-app crypto wallet provides customers with the option to buy, hold, trade, and store $GARI token, as well as other different cryptocurrencies, all through a single platform.

The great majority of Chingari’s users are from India, demonstrating the platform’s significant influence in the country. By using the app, users can create and share creative content, communicate with others, and earn money online. The website provides a variety of ways to earn money.

$GARI is Growing

Released in October 2021, the $GARI token then made history by becoming the first cryptocurrency ever to be listed on multiple large centralized and decentralized exchanges including FTX, Kucoin, Huobi,, OKEx, and MEXC Global, and a long list of other cryptocurrency exchanges that listed the token.

The idea is also supported by Salman Khan, the Bollywood movie actor and inspirational public figure. Following the simultaneous release of $GARI, trade volumes skyrocketed to beyond $100 million in less than a day, surprising many observers.

In December 2021, $GARI was made available to its community via a testnet version of the updated Chingari app, which includes an in-app wallet. More than 500 members of the community took part in the testing of the software by activating wallets and sending each other $GARI tokens to see how well it functioned.

Chingari’s app’s goal is to support cost-effective and instantaneous on-chain transactions, which is why it is launching $GARI as an SPL token on the Solana blockchain in order to accomplish this.

The network is working on the upcoming launch of a video NFT marketplace on the Chingari app. The release is expected to come in the next quarter, according to Chingari.

In addition to constructing an interactive dApp that fosters creativity and community contributions, Chingari proposes a wider picture – developing a Web 3.0 economy for creators.

The launch of the $GARI ecosystem is part of the strategy. Content creators will be able to engage with their fans, sell things, even mint one-of-a-kind short videos as NFTs.

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