Plots Of Virtual Land In Games Can Bring Lucrative Income Opportunities

  • February 24, 2022

Virtual Lands have been all the rage in the past few months. The nascent metaverse concept has been turning heads and topping the charts of digital innovations in the crypto sector. Although the idea of an alternative digital reality that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and extended reality where human beings will be able to work, play, and digitally live, has been in existence for over three decades, its popularity skyrocketed following Facebook’s move to become a metaverse company and rebrand to Meta.

As a result, several investors are exploring investment opportunities in this fast-growing new landscape. As our lives become increasingly digital, the prospect of owning a piece of digital land no longer seems far-fetched. Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Earth2 are some popular virtual ecosystems that allow users to purchase digital lands.

The GameFi and virtual world have grown dramatically, and are expected to have a significant impact on the global gaming market, which is expected to reach USD 314.40 billion by 2026. It is no wonder that renowned investment firms are interested in this decentralized innovation because they consider it as a viable gateway to the future of gaming experiences. However, it remains non-devoid of specific problems.

One major problem is that the majority of Blockchain-based games and NFT projects lack a studio specifically dedicated to their creations. This translates to the fact that users cannot maximize their earning potential once a game becomes obsolete. It is difficult to have rewards spanning multiple different IPs. This is where projects such as Attack Wagon come to the forefront.

In-Game Mechanisms with Lucrative Income Opportunities

Attack Wagon is a blockchain game studio dedicated to creating immersive virtual worlds in its unique metaverse ecosystem. Leveraging blockchain technology, Attack Wagon aims to establish a new paradigm of gaming that will help users maximize their earning potential, solving problems associated with virtual lands in games.

The innovative play-to-earn project specializes in free-to-play and play-to-earn games. Attack Wagon employs blockchain technology, DeFi and NFTs to furnish individuals with a world class gaming experience.

Unlike most blockchain-based projects, Attack Wagon opens streams of earning opportunities for players to enable them to generate passive income by purchasing land plots within their ecosystem. A piece of virtual land on the Attack Wagon platform allows investors to earn a part of the game fees. Essentially, it creates a consistent source of income for players as and when the game studio releases new projects. This makes Attack Wagon incomparably unique from most game lands built.

The Future Of Virtual Lands And Gaming

Attack Wagon seeks to be a significant part of the future of virtual lands and gaming. The project was devised to lower entry barriers into the lucrative world of play-to-earn, offering free in-game starter items to maximize engagement and monetization while the user plays. The possibilities are endless. In-game items and NFTs appreciate higher levels of usage as they are upgraded, providing users with real-time value as they can passively start a revenue stream across multiple games.

Attack Wagon is penetrating the gaming sphere with its first game, Scrap Guilds, is Sci-Fi RPG developed with an exciting storyline and exciting features like multiplayer mode, quests, and PvP. The game’s release date is slated for the third quarter of 2022. The project just launched its new website before its upcoming Land Sales, making the overall navigating experience seamless for users.

Attack Wagon integrates an easy-to-play model for its games, easing the gaming experience for many blockchain games. In comparison to other projects, Attack Wagon games lack paywalls on items and abilities. Hence, users can level up and upgrade their free beginning gear by playing the game.

More game-changing applications are primed to revamp the industry and the future of games will be more immersive and profitable than ever, with GameFi projects like Attack Wagon leading the way.

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