Harmony Partners With Morphware: P2P Computing Power for AI

  • April 8, 2022

The third generation blockchain network Harmony, has just partnered with Morphware, the innovative P2P computing power platform powered by AI.

The Harmony Project X, an incubation program, conducted the partnership during the ETHDenver 2022. Harmony purchased $200,000 worth of Morphware tokens in that very event.

An exciting workshop underlining the power of machine learning, and the benefits of the project´s merger, was held by Kenso Trabing, Morphware´s founder and CEO.

Harmony and Morphware Make Sense Together

Morphware runs live on Ethereum mainnet, where smart contracts deploy AI workloads trustlessly.

But using Morphware on Ethereum imply high costs, due to the high gas fees on the mainnet.

Through this new partnership, Morphware commits to deploy its protocol into the Harmony Network, an interoperable EVM compatible, and ultra scalable platform.

The goal is to provide access to a reliable alternative, to the GPU based mining power to all users. Soon the merge to Proof of Stake will shut down the primarily GPU based mining on Ethereum.

Morphware is devoted to solving AI workloads, an area where computing power has not always been effective.

Users will be able to tap into the Morphware network and solve their AI workloads, and former miners will be able to offer their devices to carry on mining.

Better Smart Contracts for All!

AI workloads require Smart contracts to mediate between sellers and buyers, since they are all decentralized.

Morphware has partnered with Harmony to create much more scalable platforms.

Expanding their lists of compatible client networks, and focusing on the usability for both developers and end-users vital cornerstones on this project.

This integration is bound to boost a great value to both Morphware and Harmony users.

Daniel Pagan, Head of Ecosystem Development at Harmony said,

“We’re looking forward to seeing Morphware expand its operations and continue working through the roadmap.”

What is Harmony?

Harmony is a fast and open blockchain. An open platform for collectibles, assets, governance and identity. It can be used to bridge all blockchains.

The platform runs Ethereum applications with 100 times lower fees, and with a 2 second transaction finality.

Cross-chain asset transfers with Binance, Ethereum and other chains can be executed through Harmony´s secure bridges. With better tools, everyone in the ecosystem will benefit.

The founder of Morphware Kenso Trabing commented,

“We thank Harmony for the support offered as part of Project X. Deploying on Harmony makes a lot of sense for us as a project, since we benefit greatly from lower blockchain fees, while Harmony’s tech and liquidity stack makes it incredibly easy to deploy our platform over here.”

The platform’s native token is Harmony One. It addresses the problems of existing blockchains by, not only sharding the network communication and the transaction validations, but also sharding the blockchain state.

These solutions provide full scalability, secure sharding, efficient and fast, adaptive-threshold PoS, scalable networking infrastructure, and consistent cross-shard transactions.

There is a lot happening in the wider Ethereum ecosystem, and with better smart contracts, the whole system will be able to grow without issue.

Machine Learning With Morphware

Morphware is the ultimate decentralized machine learning system. Morphware rewards accelerator owners by auctioning their inactive computing power.

Data scientists can use Morphware´s network to test and train the AI models, with a decentralized platform, powered by standard computer owners.

On the Morphware network, computer science students and machine learning engineers, can pay video game users, to train models on their behalf.

Machine learning models can run on supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised learning algorithms, and with different degrees of parameterization.

Machine learning, along with deep learning, file sharing, secret sharing, sealed bid auctions, and second price auctions are all features present on the Morphware network.

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