Chibi Clash: A Web3 Gaming Universe With PvP Battles

  • May 6, 2022

What makes a good NFT game? Gamers are looking for an ideal in-game economy, great gameplay, and a solid user interface design.

Now there is Chibi Clash, a Web 3 Auto Battler Game that comes to break the mold and establish the next big thing in blockchain-based PvP gaming.

The gaming industry has been entering a transformation phase and real-world applications of NFTs exploded. We are at the beginning of a new era in gaming.

Chibi Clash is a Web 3 Auto Battler gaming world created by and for players. Player versus Player (PvP) is the main game mode that allows players to display their talents and compete against other players.

Let’s take a look at Chibi Clash – and see what makes it a winning gaming platform!

Chibi Clash: Vision and Mission

Chibi Clash’s goal is to create a stable virtual economy for NFT collectors, holders, and players, while also allowing them to transform their game enthusiasm into digital asset ownership and benefit from it.

The platform provides an incredible PvP battle experience.

Chibi Clash’s gaming platform is working to bridge the gap between Web 3.0 and users by providing simple-to-learn gameplay in an original 2D gaming environment inspired by themes from the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West.

Although consumers have easy access to the game, mastering it is a different aspect. This type of system encourages people to constantly improve and greatly expand their skills.

As Lords, players can recruit legendary champions to lead their armies into combat in order to enhance their reputation, grow their empire, and build the kingdom of their dreams.

Chibi Clash takes a novel approach to the NFT market, beginning with a collection of 5555 procedurally-generated distinct Chibi Legend NFTs. So, how do these NFTs relate to the game?

Let’s take a close look at the core aspects of Chibi Clash.

Gameplay and Game Mechanism

Chibi Clash’s gameplay is composed of several layers, each of which contributes to the overall ecosystem. It has a combination of appealing aspects, resulting in an engaging gameplay and unpredictable battles with unexpected results.

Chibi Clash’s main game, inspired by Teamfight tactics and Hearthstone Battlegrounds, is being created as an auto battler game that will be available on numerous platforms.

Players in Chibi Clash will be able to create and customize Lords with thousands of abilities. Simultaneously, it is required to master the characteristics of the classes in order to unlock new skills and attire.

In addition, players can recruit, upgrade, and battle in order to win 10 battles before their morale drops to zero.

To overcome your opponents, you will employ all offensive and defensive techniques, as well as the special move position for each character. You must also level them up, upgrade their skills, train them, and develop your empire to make them legendary.

P2P Match

P2P game mode entails people competing against one another for ultimate power and $SHIN tokens.

At the start of the match, each player has 100 Morale and will fight to minimize their opponents’ morale to zero.

Players will form a line to compete in a PvP match against 5 other opponents. They can use any of the three Chibi Champion skills in battle. Each match will include multiple Rounds until only one player remains.

P2P mode allows users to regularly face off against other players, allowing them to improve their skills in handling and controlling the match with each encounter. This provides them with the thrill and adventure that has made PvP a popular game option.

Chibi Troops

Troops are a player’s in-game army, and they can enroll troops from a predetermined shared draft, upgrade and trade troops, and reorganize the troops’ setup by sending each troop into the battlefield.

Each troop will be assigned to one of six factions: Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Monkey, Ox, or Wolf. Troops have a number of synergies and abilities that enable them to help one another while simultaneously countering the opponent.

Chibi Champions

Champions are NFTs that players acquire through recruitment and use to boost the strength of their troops. Players acquire Chibi Champions through Chibi Legends.

No champions are the same. Each one has its own set of strengths and flaws. These characteristics will be primarily defined by their attack patterns, which will range from melee to ranged attacks.

Each champion type has a unique pair of skills to perform, one of which is always active and the other of which is passive and may be upgraded or improved as you level up by purchasing more champions of the same type.

To activate passive skills, the player must wait for a set number of attacks before seeing them perform.

Interactive Game

Not only do participants join to play the game, but they are also the contributors of Chibi Clash lore.

Every two weeks, multiple players will join together to choose answers for simple questions. Player choices will result in one of several endings that will be recorded on the backend.

Five days after the game’s release, the outcomes breakdown and result in additions or changes to the Chibi world.


The purpose of recruitment is to find the best Champions for each match. The Chibi Champions will be selected during the Recruiting Season.

Players will use their Chibi Legends to find and recruit new Champions. Recruit gameplay is divided into two stages: Seach and Recruit.

In the Search stage, players must send their Chibi Legend in quest for new Champions in order to recruit them. Then they will need to send a certain amount of tokens to commence the search.

The Recruit stage simply notifies which Champions have been chosen to become the next member of the player’s kingdom.

New Champions will be announced and made available for recruitment each season.

Legends are drawn to those who have their qualities, therefore recruits are likely to share the same attributes as the Legend who made the search request on the search board.

Multi-token Model

Similar to Axie Infinity, the leading NFT game, Chibi Clash has also applied the multi-token model with two separate tokens serving different purposes: game governance and game ecosystem.

$CLASH is the governance token and $SHIN is the game ecosystem’s token.

$CLASH – ERC20 – Governance Token

$CLASH is Chibi Clash’s governance token. The purpose of $CLASH is to encourage players to contribute to community governance and thus increase the recognition of the Chibi Clash gaming universe.

Token holders have the ability to influence decisions regarding the future development of the gaming universe. $CLASH can be staked for rewards. The team also has plans to make $CLASH a currency to buy future NFTs in the Chibi Clash Marketplace.

$SHIN – ERC20 – Recruiting and Upgrade Currency

$SHIN is used for in-game tasks or daily quests. The ERC20 toke can be generated in different ways.

Players can earn through participating in the P2P Auto Battler matches and making it to top 3. More tokens can be earned by completing quests, staking Chibi Citizen NFTs.

This utility token is extended to support the development of the game. $SHIN used for recruitment will be burned forever and removed from the supply, limiting inflation.

Check Out Chibi Clash

The blockchain gaming space is hot, and Chibi Clash is hitting the market at the right time. Chibi Clash looks amazing, and offers great gaming for anyone who loves blockchain and NFTs.

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