Crypto Power of Attorney? Meet Delegate, A New Marketplace for Tradable Delegated NFTs

  • November 17, 2023

As crypto adoption grows, users need solutions to securely interact with their assets across cold and hot wallets. Enter Delegate – a versatile on-chain standard that lets you permission hot wallets to act on behalf of cold wallet vaults.

Per Delegate:

​Delegate is the best solution to secure valuable onchain assets while still participating in NFT airdrop claims, ERC20 token governance, and more. Users link cold wallets with hot wallets, and then the hot wallet can act on behalf of the cold wallet, like crypto power-of-attorney.
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Delegate allows users to link cold wallets to hot wallets to securely participate in activities like airdrop claims and governance
Over 150 projects have integrated Delegate on-chain, including Azuki, OpenSea, Yuga Labs, Nouns DAO, and more
It enables delegated wallet interactions for minting, gaming, governance, social media access, and other uses
The registry is fully on-chain, enumerable, independent, immutable, and verifiable for security
Users can delegate their entire wallet, specific contracts, or individual token IDs/amounts for customized permissioning

With over 150 integrations from major projects, Delegate is the leading trustless delegation system for Ethereum and other EVM chains. It derisks activities like airdrop claims, gaming, governance, and more by linking your cold storage to a hot wallet that can interact while keeping assets secured.

Announcing @LiquidDelegate, a premiere marketplace for tokenizing & trading asset utility ????

— foobar (@0xfoobar) November 15, 2023

The registry has enabled delegated interactions for minting, ticketing, social media access, and other innovative use cases. Projects using it include Azuki, OpenSea, Yuga Labs, Nouns DAO, Manifold, Premint, Bitcoin Ordinals, Vulcan Forged, and many others.

Unlike alternatives, Delegate is fully on-chain for transparency. It’s enumerable so developers can easily fetch delegations. The system is also independent, immutable, and verifiable with no external governance.

Users get flexible permissioning options. You can delegate your entire wallet, specific contracts, or individual token IDs and amounts. The delegations work from top-down, so wallet delegations automatically apply to underlying assets.

For developers, integrating Delegate is straightforward. Import the contract interface and query delegations before sensitive actions. For end users, visit the Delegate portal to link wallets through an intuitive UI.

As crypto progresses, securely interacting with assets across hot and cold storage is essential. With its versatile feature set and partnerships, Delegate looks like an interesting new platform.

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