NobleBlocks Pushes On-Chain Revolution for Scientific Printing

  • May 23, 2024

Industries worldwide are rapidly advancing towards implementing new revolutionary technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform processes of operation. 

However, the world of scientific publishing has been stuck in the past, trapped by traditional systems that impose high fees for users, biased review processes, and more restricted access to the entire peer review market. But this won’t be the case for long! 

Enter NobleBlocks – a platform bringing the scientific publishing industry into the future through its landmark decentralized science (DeSci) protocol on-chain. Blockchain offers a transformative solution to the existing challenges in the industry by creating a decentralized and transparent infrastructure. 

Publication processes can be more efficiently streamlined and the clarity of peer reviews is enhanced, ensuring more fairness. And NobleBlock’s DeSci model is at the forefront of this transformation.

The Current Landscape of Scientific Publishing

Understanding the revolution set in motion by NobleBlocks, also requires understanding the vital role scientific journals play in disseminating research findings. 

These journals often act as a platform, even community, for researchers, scholars, and scientists to disseminate their latest discoveries, insights, and methodologies to further the progress of science. 

Scientific journals exist across a multitude of scientific disciplines and unlike standard trade magazines, they are set apart by their rigorous peer review process. In the year 2020, the market generated around $19 billion in revenue, according to recent data

Though these prestigious journals that publish high-impact research don’t come at a low cost. In fact, they are known for changing substantial fees, which can lead to gatekeeping knowledge for readers and researchers wishing to contribute alike. 

Article processing charges (APCs) have been known to range from $500 for lower-tier journals, and reaching prices higher than $6,000 for top-tier publications. 

Although some free platforms have surfaced like ArXiv and SciHub, they have yet to master the quality control and user authentication needed to offer optimal publication services . 

These platforms also lack robust quality control and authentication mechanisms, which are essential for maintaining scientific integrity. Thus, a comprehensive solution that addresses both accessibility and quality control is urgently needed.

NobleBlocks on-chain solution

The introduction of NobleBlocks’ DeSci technology aims to reduce or completely eliminate these aforement hurdles of the traditional academic publishing industry. 

Take the process of peer reviewing; NobleBlocks reimagines this outdated yet necessary system by implementing a decentralized, transparent system. 

Through blockchain technology, the platform creates immutable, chronological records of publications which facilitates more objective, less biased, and timely evaluations between peers. 

It also reduces the middle man in between reviewers, which helps foster a culture of constructive feedback and collaboration among researchers. This reduces bottlenecks and enhances the overall efficiency of scientific publishing.

Lower costs, higher accessibility

Cost reduction and accessibility are also issues within the industry that NobleBlocks has set forth to tackle. The platform has been designed to be cost-efficient, without steep processing fees and expensive access barriers. 

NobleBlocks works off of a token-based system, using the platform’s native token NOBL, that makes interactions between stakeholders more smooth. Authors use tokens to cover their final steps such as copyediting and publication, which ultimately reduces financial barriers and can lead to incentivizing quality contributions throughout the peer review process.

Embracing the Future of Scientific Publishing

NobleBlocks is committed to continued innovation and plans to do so by exploring new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency and capabilities of the publishing process. 

By leveraging blockchain technology and decentralized principles, the platform addresses the systemic issues of high costs, biased reviews, and restricted access. NobleBlocks represents a bold step forward in the revolution to transform the inefficiencies of traditional scientific publishing. 

Researchers, scholars, and innovators are invited to join in on this movement, as it paves the way for a fairer, more transparent, and interconnected future in scientific publishing.

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