MoonBag Coin Attracts Dogeverse Investors as Solana Stares Down the Barrel

  • May 24, 2024

Do you want a wealth genie who can remove all your financial worries? Look no further, the MoonBag coin is here to grant your wishes! The best part about it? It never runs out of wishes!

Solana’s (SOL) combination of Proof of Stake and Proof of History mechanisms made it one of the fastest crypto trading platforms whereas Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE) rode the high tides of the meme coin wave facilitated by the Solana platform. However, the new MoonBag presale is already stealing Dogeverse’s show, with its presale closing in at a whopping $150k in no time!


Solana In Search of Northward Direction

Solana is one of the most distinguished contenders among today’s crypto platforms. It charges a minimal fee and has the awe-inspiring capability of seamlessly completing 50,000 transactions within a matter of seconds!

Moreover, Solana’s smart contracts provide a decentralised way of trading across various sectors. The platform has also secured a strategic partnership with Helium, a decentralised wireless network. By connecting with it, Solana will be able to streamline its data transfer and network coverage needs. Despite all its attributes, the altcoin has faced mixed fortunes off-late with its price failing to find a direction to the bullish zone. It surpassed $200 per SOL coin earlier this year, but since then it has been facing a downhill trend, falling below $170 mark.

Easy Come, Easy Go: Dogeverse’s Short-Lived High

The hype about meme coins is real and kept alive by netizens. The same happened with Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE), which received a good response from crypto enthusiasts during its presale. However, it failed to meet expectations as its site crashed hours after its official launch. After Dogeverse’s inability to cater to its believers, many investors started looking at other available options, including the MoonBag coin.

After failing to realise their dreams with Dogeverse, investors started pouring their money into MoonBag presale, which helped the monkey-themed meme coin to amass more than $150,000 in its ongoing presale in a matter of just a few days.

MoonBag Coin Sweeping the Crypto Arena

The playful and alluring mascot monkey’s MoonBag crypto came with one of the best meme coin presales of 2024 and is already closing in on an astronomical $150k! As mentioned earlier, the power buyers of the famous Dogeverse are enthralled by the cosmic possibilities the MBAG coins can reach and have attained so far, so much so that they are transferring their investments from Dogeverse to the gleaming MoonBag coin! The market values a true diamond, for sure.

MoonBag’s hype is well-designated as the coin brings one-of-a-kind features to a meme coin in the crypto arena. Ever since the meme coin presale went live, MBAG has only gone uphill at an exponential pace. What else can be expected with a coin offering 15000% ROI during presale and a massive 9900% spike from the fueling to the landing stage? Seasoned enthusiasts are drawn towards the high return potential of the MoonBag coin, making it an unmatchable buzz in the crypto world.

Bag the MoonBag

The way you can hop on this lunar frenzy is quite easy. Create a wallet on the MoonBag’s official website. You can use True Wallet or Metamask. Charge up your wallet with crypto-fuel and use it to buy as many MoonBags as you can! Remember, more coins mean more profits!


The only thing constant in the crypto sea is change. Despite the price fluctuations, Solana has constantly evolved its technology to stay relevant in the market. Dogeverse came in fast, sold fast, and got a high valuation, but now the hurricane of MoonBag coin is making it seem like just a tiny breeze in front of MBAG’s humongous returns.

This is an indicator of following market trends and predictions. As people move their Dogeverse investments to MoonBag, the MoonBag crowd will become saturated. Before the limited window of making unchecked returns passes, jump in the MBAG hype and claim your price!

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